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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 12, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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and ground zero settlement. an official announcement expected this hour on exactly how much first responders may receive in compensation. as we mentioned, any minute now white house secretary robert gibbs will start his daily briefing. we're expecting more details about the announcement this morning that he's delaying his trip to indonesia and australia next week by three days to focus on health care reform. instead of leaving on the 18th, the president will leave on the 21st of march. meanwhile there's now word the house could hold a final vote on health care reform on or before saturday the 20th. nbc's mike viqueira joins us from the white house. mike, you've got to whip out your calendar, if you're old school, or your phone to mark the dates. this thing is moving. we saw the president make a big decision delaying this trip this morning. >> roberts rules of order while you're at it. the procedure will get complicated. we're learning on the fly. a little boisterous today.
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we expect robert gibbs to show up in a team canada jersey to settle a bet you might guess when canada team beat team usa. after having told house leaders last week he'd be willing to postpone his trip if it meant he could help get health care through the house, he announced specifically today, the white house secretary robert gibbs that that trip would be postponed from thursday the 18th to sunday the 21st. one has to assume that's on strength of the knowledge given to them by the white house leaders they have a shot onto bring that up before he leaves on the 21st. whether on the 20th or not, predicated whether they can get the final language. the cbo would come back with a score, how much it would cost, the total package, then they would move forward. unlikely to happen today. if it happened tomorrow, nancy pelosi promised it would be on the internet for a week before
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she would ask the house of representatives to vote on it. it's going to be an interesting week. the president, we assume, will be twisting arms behind the scene. an event in colorado, another series of health care rallies monday. a parade of membersñi sitting o the fence. there were 39 democrats who voted against health care reform when it came through the house in november. we can expect the pressure on them very intense over the coming days. >> mike, we'll check back in with you. in the meantime this picture released from the white house situation room. it shows president obama meeting with his national security team on pakistan and afghanistan. michael mullen, chairman of the joints chiefs of staff, secretary hillary clinton and deputy secretary and united states ambassador to afghanistan there. another story developing this hour, police in california say the so-called dating game killer could be linked to at least three other murders. amateur photographer and on the
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game show in 1978, which has since -- that's why he was dubbed the dating show killer. he was convicted tuesday of killing four women and a 12-year-old girl. the jury recommended death penalty. wednesday authorities released thousands of pictures they found in his storage locker. now they have been inundated with tips from people who say they know the people in the photographs. george, this is relevant because authorities believe some of these people could have been victims of this man. >> yeah. tamron, they say there are three possible jane doe victims, people who have been missing for sometime. according to tips they have been receiving, people think they have seen those missing persons, at least three of them, in those photos. police emphasize they have not yet confirmed any of these people are victims. they say a number of people have come forward and have said that's me in those photos.
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i'm fine. so they are just trying to put those photos out there to see if he has killed other people. he had a habit of approaching young women with his camera and saying i'm a freelance photographer, i think you're pretty, i want to take your picture and use that as a way of ingratiating himself with the women in the photos. police don't know how many of the women may have experienced foul play. they are putting photos out in the hopes of getting tips. phones are ringing off the hook in orange county, california. one newspaper put the photos up on the website. they have got 2.5 million hits so far. authorities are waiting to see what might result from this. tamron. >> i'm curious. these photographs are 30 years old in some cases, why are they just releasing them? >> they just found the negatives in a storage shed he rented in washington state. they didn't know about the
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storage shed initially. they decided after he was convicted of the five murders in california, they would release these photos seeing if there's more victims out there. >> more than 100 photographs they have. thank you very much, george. we'll keep our audience up to date on the story. also developing, a u.s. citizen arrested in yemen, sharif mobley. he's accused of killing a guard after trying to break out of a hospital in yemen. pete, i understand we have new information about this suspect. what can you tell us? >> i think what's new here, there is a fair amount of scepticism i've heard of that he's actually connected to al qaeda. it is something the u.s. is trying to investigate for a couple of reasons. number one, yemen, the cell of al qaeda in yemen is very
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troubling to the u.s. because of reports they are actively trying to attack the u.s. it's from yemen, abdulmutallab, that's where they say he was inspired to carry out his attack. there's indication this man, sharif mobley, 26, who grew up in new jersey, had actually worked at five nuclear plant complexes in the u.s. in maryland, new jersey, and pennsylvania. there's an obvious question about whether he learned anything there that could be of use to terrorists. number one, from what one authority was able to learn, what he did at the nuclear plants, he was a laborer. they don't think he learned anything doing that sort of manuel work that would have been useful to a terrorist organization. secondly, they are skeptical he's actually in al qaeda. it doesn't appear he was ever formally in the al qaeda group. that's the early read.
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obviously there's a great deal of interest in trying to find out why he was there. the yemeni authorities say he was arrested earlier this month in the sweep of the capital of al qaeda terrorists. also this hour, judges ruling on a multi-million dollar settlement of victims, the aftermath of september 11th. more than 10,000 rescue and recovery workers spent day after day at or near ground zero only to develop everything from chronic coughs to cancer. we have a huge dollar figure. this is not money from new york but federal money. >> that was part of the deal. new york city did not want to admit any liability, any fault. in this deal they don't have to. this money you mentioned is federal money, $657 million coming from fema, most of it, out of a $1 billion grant from the federal emergency matt agency. the judge meeting on this expected to move it through. new york mayor michael bookberg
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said on his weekly radio show that this is what he believes is a fair settlement for the first responders who spent weeks at ground zero. what's interesting is there are different amounts. they have to take cash payments. who is going to reject that. based on how ill they got. they have to agree in many cases to the settlement before they know how much money they are getting. they have to sign a paper, yes, i want the settlement, yes, i won't sue new york city, before they know what their slice of the pie is. it will be interesting how many do that. >> $23 million set aside for future cancer cases. >> which seems like a low number, because that's been one of the big controversies here. does the world trade center cause cancer. low number but $23 million put aside for that, and that's to last years and years into the future. many are wondering whether that's enough. >> all right, jeff. thank you very much. developing fierce storms
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unleashing incredible amounts of rain. look at this scene on west palm beach. several streets flooded. more than six inches fell overnight alone. weather channel's nick walker is live in atlanta. nick, i understand washington, d.c. all the way up to boston will be dealing with this tomorrow. >> that's right. flooding and severe weather we're seeing in florida is going to be transferring its energy in the mid-atlantic into the northeast this weekend. another round of possibly tornadic storms. we have a new tornado watch for southern florida, miami you're in that. thunderstorms bearing down upon you a tornado warning right now for broward county. then we have severe weather in eastern tennessee, strong storms along 40. severe thunderstorm watch along the ohio valley. as we get through the weekend, more heavy rainfall into washington, d.c., into philadelphia, into new york city. we're going to see that widespread heavy rain on top of rapidly melting snow. that's going to be flooding from the appalachians all the way up into the northeast and then into new
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england on sunday. some of these areas are going to see three to five inches of rainfall this weekend. some areas could actually see more than that. then you factor in some canada conditions. it's going to be an ugly, ugly time around the mid-atlantic. moderate to major flooding on rivers to be expected, tamron. former john edwards aide andrew young due back in court, just days after almost getting tossed in the slammer. tuesday a superior court judge threatened young would go to jail for contempt after he gave conflicting statements. he's been sued by rielle hunter. he wants thing returned to her, including a sex tape of her and john edwards. he was supposed to turn over whatever tapes and belongings and the june is not buying he did that. >> reporter: you got it. that's why today is judgment day for andrew young, former aide to
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john edwards. the judge an hour from now is going to decide whether he should throw andrew young and his wife in jail. at issue, the judge does not believe andrew young has been truthful, that he's turned over all of the tapes, pictures and other pieces of information that relate to john edwards and his relationship with rielle hunter. the judge said he had to turn it over. he swore he did. a bunch of attorneys for rielle hunter presented evidence that suggest andrew young has not turned that over. what's at issue, they are talking about a flash drive that may have naked pictures of rielle hunter when she was pregnant, additional copies of a sex tape. that's at issue today and whether he's going to jail. >> norah, i know you're going to appreciate this. we're going to break into your report to show, look at your screen, robert gibbs in the canadian hockey jersey. it was part of the bet.
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we hoped team usa would beat the canadian team. it did not work that way. to pay his debt, robert gibbs had to put on the canadian jersey. norah, your many years of covering, have you ever seen anything like this? >> i have not seen it. but kudos to robert gibbs for following through on that. maybe chuck todd will finally shave his goatee. >> let's hear what he's saying. >> let me do the week ahead and then we'll get back into more semiserious attire for the rest of your hockey questions. fifteen minutes. i thought we were doing this on the metric scale. >> thirty minutes. >> exactly, right. what's the exchange rate? the president has no scheduled public events this weekend. >> how difficult is it. he's now got to get back to business. he's going to be asked about the president delaying his trip to
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indonesia and australia in the hockey jersey. i thought he was going to take it off and put back on a jabt. there you have it. >> i thought we were going to have a wardrobe change where he might go behind the door and change. there is serious business as you know. the president delaying his trip. we may have a showdown probably a week from tomorrow. that's why the president is sticking around hoping to get his health care done. >> all right, norah. thanks for going with the punches. it's greatly appreciated. health care, it is down to the wire. when will the vote happen? more on the developments and the push for it. ed schulz will be in studio to talk about it. he gave a fiery speech on the floor, now patrick kennedy on what lies ahead after he leaves capitol hill. does he have any regrets about calling it quits? hear from a "washington post" correspondent who did a three-hour interview with congressman kennedy. a not for profit under fire. new questions raised about the millions of dollars in expenses
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welcome back. i'm tamron hall in the control room. attorneys for the man charged in the 2002 elizabeth smart kidnapping are planning an insanity defense. they are seeking a change of venue for the trial. she was 14 when kidnapped from her family's home in salt lake city. she was found nine months later. some republican senators are demanding the charity. the boys and girls club of america explain their expenses. specifically the senators say they are concerned about the $1 million salary the ceo received
2:18 pm
in 2008. senators want to know why officials spent more than a million dollars on travel that year. it could jeopardize millions of dollars in funding for the boys and girls club. they have until march 29th to respond. the scandal surrounding former congressman eric massa has now become less about the sexual harassment against them and more about what democratic leaders did regarding the complaints. nbc's kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill. kelly, obviously this is very serious because the democrats could be in the same situation the republicans were when the whole mark foley scandal broke out. did you react soon enough is the big question. >> this is about management in any company in america. did they do the right thins, follow the rules with respect to employees who might have been subject to harassment. when bringing a vote to the floor compelling democrats to
2:19 pm
decide if their own leadership should be investigated. it was an overwhelming yes. what happens now is this issue goes to the ethics committee on the house. it's made up of both democrats and republicans. they do the secret work of looking into all of these questions. they keep it all under wraps until they issue a final report. now, if they do decide this is worth looking bo -- for example, were the reports passed along in the proper channels, did the authorities do the appropriate things, those kinds of issues. then based on the issue voted through yesterday, congress is hoping to have a report by the end of june. that is fast when it comes to the ethics committee's usual time line. it would be political implications. whatever they find that comes at a time when the heat of the summer and the political year will be going strong. tamron. >> kelly, thank you very much. attorneys for ousted governor blagojevich are asking
2:20 pm
authorities to postpone his trial. he faces charges for attempting to sell the seat once held by president obama. lawyers are requesting more time saying they can't be ready by the scheduled june 3rd start citing massive amounts of paperwork. he'll be on "the apprentice" this weekend. comments about waterboarding terror suspect. does he have any regrets? hear his answer. a teenager who says she's a lesbian goes to court to force her school to hold the senior prom. she wants to bring her girl trend as her date. they are saying not only will you not be there, we'll cancel the whole thing. we're going to talk with her coming up. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools,
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a little reminder. this sunday marks the start of daylight saving time. so set your clocks ahead one before you go to bed. that's the rule, spring ahead, fall back, one hour.
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you got it? we'll all forgot probably. a revealing look at rhode island congressman patrick kennedy in a new article in today's "washington post." kennedy shares intimate details about the anguish over his decision to leave congress after 16 years. in fact it was wednesday when congressman kennedy directed his anger at the national press on the house floor. >> it's because the press -- the press of the united states's is not covering the most significant issue of national importance, laying our lives down for the nation in the service of our country is despicable. >> time has expired. >> joining me is author of the article, phillip rucker. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you spent three hours with congressman kennedy. when you saw that passionate speech and remarks he gave, what was your reaction after spending time to him? >> i was surprised he would make
2:25 pm
a speech so angry on the floor like that but not at what he said. the 24 hour news cycle that in so many ways dominates washington these days. all his life, he's somebody who lived in the tabloids since he was born. he was only two years old when his father drove the car off the bridge in chappaquiddick, every since his depression with mental health and addiction have been in the news and that's a frustration of his. >> how much of that anger has to do with why he's leaving congress, as you pointed, the new cycle. >> that's a piece of it but a small piece. i think the broader issue is he really wants to return to a normal life. this is a man who has been in elected office since he was 21 years old. he ran for a state legislative seat as a sophomore in college and then went to congress. he's been there for 16 years. he's really ready to move on, settle down, have a family and return to some sense of normalcy. >> here he is a kennedy.
2:26 pm
as you pointed out, his whole life has been seeking out a political career, how does he at this stage reboot and have, quote, a normal life? >> it's a good question. he's never going to have a normal life. he's always going to be the nephew of jack kennedy. if he can leave and go home to rhode island, maybe he can have a little more quiet around him. he wants to start a family, advocate for mental health issues and addiction issues. he'll try to do that from his perch in rhode island. although it's important to note he's not retiring for good. it's just a sabbatical. he may someday run for office again, maybe the senate down the road. >> we certainly hope people get into the politics to make a difference. did he say he believed during this time he made a difference, an impact? >> he does. his signature accomplishment in 2008, the mental health parity act. that's a bill he championed with
2:27 pm
republican congressman and it required health plans to have parity in the way they treat mental illnesses along with physical illnesses. that was a major breakthrough for him. i interviewed first lady rosslyn carter who has been a mental health advocate many years. she said patrick kennedy has lifted and peel back that veil of shame that existed in society around those issues. >> a great interview, phillip. thank you for talking to us. >> glad to be here. >> ed schulz will join us to talk about health care, the president and nancy pelosi and politics surrounding former congressman eric massa. ed schulz after the break. today, the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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a rich and airy treat. ♪ because after you've washed the bills... and paid all the dishes... it's finally me o'clock. enjoy it with mousse temptations. three decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock. time for jell-o. welcome back. president obama is delaying his trip to indonesia and australia for three days to focus more on health care reform. instead of leaving on the 18th, the president will leave on the 21st. meanwhile there's now word the house could vote a final vote on health care reform on or before
2:31 pm
saturday the 20th. here to give us his perspective ed schulz, host of "the ed show." good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> the president had an incredible week starting off with a big speech in pennsylvania, telling people he's ready to fight and now he's postponing the trip. >> we're near the finish line. nancy pelosi counting heads now. big story today, she says she's not going to put the public option in the bill. that should bring some of the 39 no votes on the democratic side closer to the plate that would help her get that score. i think the president doing what he's doing knows we're close. she's also told house members to clear your schedule for next weekend for what will be a historic vote. liberals will be upset the public option is not in there after dick durbin saying he would whip the votes in the senate. why now on march 12th, when he
2:32 pm
could say it in september that he'd whip to get the votes in the public option. there's going to be a lot of unhappy people out of all of this, not everybody is going to get what they want, but we are still in a position to get 30 million people covered that weren't covered before. it's going to save lives of the cbo scored it. it's going to save $118 over the next ten years and reduce the deficit. those are some of the major goals the president has been talking about all along. >> what about reports the house democrat have given upcoming to a compromise on abortion language. they are resigned to the fact they are just going to lose some votes that way. >> that's still being negotiated. >> congressman stupak said he could find wiggle room. >> that's as far as the story goes. that's what people are kennedy about. what's wiggle room when it comes to your position on abortion. i think the fact that nancy pelosi has signaled back to the senate that you're not going to have a reconciliation bill with a public option in it shows make real horse trading going on.
2:33 pm
it might involve the abortion language with some of the conservatives in there. okay. i'll loosen up on abortion language but i'm not going to go for a government-run option. i'm speculating with that. >> sure. >> but that -- my intuition tells me that's what's doing on. >> it seems whatever happens if this vote comes down the 20th or around it, as you pointed out, people on the right and left upset about this. the public polling, when you break it down, they like the ideas of the overall concept of health care not polling well. >> well, because they have been sold that the bill is so big. the democrats need to get out, and i understand some will be on the weekend talking heads. they need to get out and they need to be very clear about the big picture and what this is going to do and how it's going to save lives, cover 30 million people. yes, the insurance industry will get more customers. the president said that on the stump this week. the good side, the pre-existing condition is going to be erased.
2:34 pm
you're not going to get dumped after you get sick. so the leap of faith is still in play. house members have to say, okay, we're going to vote on the senate bill and take the leap of faith senate democrats will move forward with the reconciliation bill we send them and actually will get it done. the parliamentian plays a big role in reconciliation. >> the president saying there's another deadline, some say it's time to talk about jobs, when they are out there, people aren't talking about that. they have to get it done. >> this health care bill over the next five years will create at a minimum of a half a million jobs. that's pretty good. over the ten-year period it could create as many as 2 million jobs. in a sense, it's going to help families, get more people
2:35 pm
covered, going to relieve the pressure off emergency rooms. there's a lot of good in this bill. it's not what i wanted. it's not what a lot of liberals wanted but it is a step forward in the right direction. now, of course, a lot of liberal groups in the country are going to be expected to hear the senate democrat say if we get the majority after the midterm we're going to come back with the public option and do more. this will be in play for a long time. >> real quick. congressman eric massa, the investigation on what they knew, the leadership, did they pull a mark foley? will this go away here? >> the whole thing became very complex when a member of congress resigned in the midst of an investigation and allegations. most people resigned to get it out of the news. then he goes out and does interviews and stirs it up. more people come out. republicans are trying to say to nancy pelosi, aha, you knew before and you didn't say
2:36 pm
anything. you said you were going to drain the swamp. there's a lot of political gainsmanship going on here as far as health care was concerned massa was never a vote they were considering anyway. that's okay. it keeps really the pressure on the democrats, and it is also great political theater and football for republicans when it comes to ethical behavior. >> ed, thank you very much. of course later this evening, democratic congressman elijah cummings will be on with ed to talk about health care, as chairman of the congressional black caucus, he met with president at the white house. he and others are concerned they have to get past this and start talking about jobs and move forward on health care. see ed 6:00 eastern time on msnbc. give a little psychotalk with that, too. >> we always have that. >> thank you. you might have this, in an interview with former white house adviser karl rove defended the use of waterboarding and harsh interrogation methods. rove said he was, quote, proud
2:37 pm
that the administration used the techniques and argued they prevented further attacks, using the word specifically that he was proud of that. karl rove will join guest moderator tom brokaw this sunday on "meet the press," the former senior adviser to george w. bush will recount his role in the presidency on the war on terror and campaign trail. that's sunday on your local nbc station. developing now prosecutors in orange county, california, filed a lawsuit against toyota. the d.a.'s office claims the world's trouble automaker sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles with acceleration defects. toyota has recalled more than 6 million cars just in the united states. more than 8 million worldwide. attorneys for famed music producer phil specter filed an appeal to throw out his second degree murder conviction. they are claiming judicial error and prosecutorial misconduct. they asked the pelt court to reverse the jury verdict.
2:38 pm
he's serving 19 years to life for the murder of actress lana clarkson. charlie sheen is ready to be arraigned monday. is he ready for a deal. courtney hazlett, what's going on here? >> word is that would be the best case for charlie sheen. he's charged with one felony and two misdemeanor counts. he might try to plead no contest in order to get just probation, have to take anger management courses and that sort of thing. he's supposed to return to the set of "two and a half men" tuesday. they had to hold off on filming because of what he's going through. i'm really interested in figuring out what's going to happen here. charlie sheen has remained the sort of teflon celebrity, no matter what happens to him or what he's accused of, he continues on and is able to mof through his career unscathed. monday will be an interesting day in that world. switching to the film world. last week we were talking about
2:39 pm
james cameron and "avatar" because he was up for oscars, got shut out, sunday's forecast. talking about re-releasing "avatar" in the fall. why do that? james cameron saying they pushed "avatar" out of the theaters to make room for ""alice in wonderland."" >> didn't he make enough money the first time around? >> he said, this is spin i love. james cameron said it's the theaters who want the money. sure, they do split the ticket sales, theaters and movie studios, however, it does sound a touch greedy. also, the dvd might have to be pushed to a later release date, if they re-release in theaters. jim cameron said the dvd could be an extended version because it wasn't long enough to begin with. >> took ten years to come up with the technology. >> last night on "american idol" we got our top twelve. i'm so bizarrely obsessed with "american idol" this season.
2:40 pm
i don't know how they got under my skin like they did. gone, toddrick hall. i'm not sad to see him leave. my two favorites, crystal and chevan, so strange and wonderful. come to me with idol questions. i'm obsessed. >> sorry todrick hall. she planned it that way. >> have a great weekend. police received new security video of a man suspected in a vicious beating inside a new york city bar. he attacked the woman allegedly for denying his request to dance. the story next on msnbc. [ male announcer ] grilled. filled. chilled. sweet! [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. more ways than you ever imagined. [ male announcer ] flakes.
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2:44 pm
this is the surveillance video taken of the suspect after he left that bar. police say he followed the woman into the rest room after she refused to dance with him. that's when he brutally attacked her. the woman's friend found her unconscious in a stall. she suffered a broken eye socket, broken jaw and other serious injuries. we've had what's been called the greatest generation. we've also had baby boomers and now gen-x. now millennials are on us. some interesting research about this. what age group? >> 18 to 29, young adults born after 1980. the pew research center did the most comprehensive study about this group. we're learning about these documents, where the country is headed. if we can talk about politics for a minute. this group is more likely to identify as liberal than any other generation, supporting
2:45 pm
obama two to one margin, the largest gap in younger and older voters in years. they tend to lean democratic. they are apartment to identify as democrats. they are not blind followers, but evaluating politics the way the rest of us are. obama's approval rating down, 70% a few years ago, now in the 50s. >> i'm intrigued by big government line, we hear so much about not leaving this debt to our children. these are the people who would have to suffer the ramifications of big debt. >> they believe in government involvement, programs and bigger government. >> what do we know about them as work ethic. there was a time when gen-x wanted mom and dad take care of everything. they were used to getting credit cards by age 13. >> the last four generations, this is the only one that did not identify work ethic as something that makes them unique. it's not something they identify
2:46 pm
with in terms of making them unique, with a generational trait. in terms of the economy and everything happening now, 37% of this generation is unemployed. that's the highest rate in 30 years. they are feeling the brunt more strongly than any other generation. what we found was a lot of them had to move back home, some 13%. about a third are getting support from families. mom and dad are helping them out. despite this, they are on track to be the most educated generation in history. hopefully at some point they will be able to recoup losses. >> no trouble, really smart and independent thinkers. sounds like the perfect generation. >> identifying with technology, which is little surprise. this what they said was the one thing that defined them and set them apart from other generations, technology. they consider technology to be an extension of themselves. so 80% sleep with their cell phone by the bed. >> i don't know if that's good. >> ready to answer cell and texts at a moment's knowledge. sixty percent text while
2:47 pm
driving. not a good thing, 65%, which is good news for all of us, say that tv is their primary news source. despite they are all fleeing to the internet, apparently they are still getting their news from us. >> what a fascinating report. i love that. that's awesome. always great to have you on. speaking of millenials, keeping their phone attached, i'm too old for that group but i keep my phone attached to me. the tweet for the day, scathing, says -- we're talking about eric massa and mark foley, if there's any comparisons. stop saying foley equals massa while gop did nothing, not the same. from still online. thank you for your tweet of the day. we'll have to think about that. let me know your thoughts on anything including that tweet. also like to hear what you have to say about millenials. do you have one radiolouling th
2:48 pm
roost. suing to get the prom back on track. it was canceled because she wanted to wear a tux and bring her girlfriend. [ female announcer ] the latest athletic fabrics that keep you cool and dry have now inspired stayfree® to create a whole new level of comfort when it comes to your period. only stayfree® ultra thins have thermocontrol™. designed with the comfort of athletic fabrics in mind, stayfree® with thermocontrol™ quickly wicks moisture away for exceptional dryness. so you stay incredibly comfortable no matter where your day takes you. stay dry. stay cool.
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welcome back. there's a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. actor tom hanks and producer steven spielberg stopped by the white house after a viewing of their movie "the pacific." hanks wants to check on an espresso machine he donated in 2004 after discovering they didn't have a simple coffee pot. students in arizona canceled a walkout plan after his principal changed his mind and decided to back their plan for president obama to speak at the graduation in may. the principal said he was worried about the students' safety and complaints from parents if he spoke. they are in a contest to have the president speak. president obama will make her first solo trip abroad next
2:52 pm
month. she'll visit mexico. she'll visit mexico city. the focus on education and advancement. those are things we thought you should know today. crossing the line? you tell me. a mississippi teenager is suing her high school after the school canceled the senior prom. the reason? 18-year-old constance mcmillan was seeking permission to wear a tux and bring a female date. they denied both requests. the school denied her request and ruled the prom should be canceled because of distractions to the educational process because of recent events. joining us is constance and her attorney with the aclu. thank you both for joining us. constance, did you have any idea when you asked to wear a tux and bringing your girlfriend that you would be making national news. >> i had no clue. i never thought it would get that far. i never thought the school would react the way it did. >> how did you approach it with them? >> i just went to them and tried
2:53 pm
to get them to understand how it made us feel. they listened but it was like they didn't hear it. they wouldn't change anything. we tried -- i tried to talk to them as much as i could. i went through the whole chain of command before i went to the aclu. >> when you learned they not only didn't want you there, they said we're going to cancel the prom. no one will have a prom. that put a lot of pressure on you, the other students saying it's your fall. i'm sure some of them were upset. >> people were telling me i ruined their senior year and all kinds of stuff. i thought it was just -- it's hurtful, you know. i can't help the way they feel, because i never intended that ever. >> the aclu filed an emergency motion against actualition, mississippi on behalf of constance. where does that stand now? >> we're hoping we can get before the judge soon so we can get the prom reinstated for all the students. >> the school has not said we don't want her there because she has a girlfriend, is a lesbian.
2:54 pm
they said it's a distraction. >> frankly the only distraction that's been created is by the school canceling the prom. it's really, you know, shameful that they are trying to blame the cancellation of the prom on constance. >> it's interesting it was not long ago we were doing stories about schools in mississippi that didn't want to integrate the prom. they had white prom and black prom. >> the school said why don't some other people organize a prom. >> they want an alternative prom. >> seemed like the message because, well, go out and have a segregated prom. >> when is your prom date? >> supposed to be april 2nd. >> and if you don't get there, if this is not successful, what do you do? >> i mean, i don't know. i'm hoping that we can just have the problem at the school. >> are your parents supporting you in this? >> my parents are 100% supportive of me. >> we'll see what happens next.
2:55 pm
we'll keep following the story. thank you very much. constance, christine, thank you. you heard how constance articulated herself. is it crossing the line what the fulton school district planned, no prom if she wants to come he in a tux with her girlfriend. send your vote to tamron.msnbc becomes or superintendent of a los angeles school district said three elementary school teachers will be reassigned after they had their students display pictures of o.j. simpson, dennis rodman and rupaul in a parade celebrating plaque history month. the teachers were all white and some took offense at these were the three individuals they presented as heroes. a lot responded saying o.j. simpson in prison, dennis rodman has issues, criminal and alcohol abuse but what's the beef with
2:56 pm
rupaul? that's what everybody wanted to know? rupaul hasn't broken the law and that a pretty successful show. some parents were upset onby what happened. that does it for this hour. thanks for joining me all week long. join me each weekday at 11:00 and 2:00 eastern. next up david shuster. what do you have? this has become a big afternoon for a lot of folks at ground zero. looks like they are getting a settlement. we'll get into that and what should happen to the site itself. we're continuing our series, get to work america today. now we're looking at how you can be happy in the job you have. finally, it happened again near cleveland, ohio, more mysterious lights, more allegations of a ufo. we'll talk to an eyewitness. all of that ahead after this. as with frequent heartburn. try prilosec otc. heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. unlike some treatments that neutralize acid,
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it's the top of the hour at msnbc. here are some of the stories we


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